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Blood Fountain

Play - Drama/Fantasy
5M, 5W, Ensemble

Two Acts, 2h 15m

When the ancient and evil wizard Maligor abducts his sister, Tormik will stop at nothing to rescue her. Teaming up with fledgling sorcerer Ryudo, they set off on an epic quest of magic, demons and elves to save her before Maligor can use her for his dark purposes. But are there even more powerful forces at work?


Play - Drama

3M, 4W, 1M/W

One Act, 85m

The local director of an LGBTQ advocacy organization becomes embroiled in a murder investigation when her intern is arrested for killing the fundamentalist mother of a young boy.

The Corkscrew Grove

Play - Drama

3M, 2W

Two Acts, 1h 45m

Karen has set aside a weekend to clean up and sell her childhood home. She's enlisted the help of her best friend, her ex-boyfriend, her brother and his girlfriend, but each of them have a hidden agenda for their weekend away. As the secrets collide, Karen has to decide what's worth holding on to, and what's worth letting go of.

My Real Mother

Musical - Drama/Comedy

5M, 4W, Ensemble

Two Acts, 2h 10m

Alaina and Alex are strangers when Alaina and her husband adopt Alex's baby girl, but they form an unexpected bond that transforms them both. Chronicling 25 years of their tumultuous and powerful relationship, Alaina and Alex make up the rules as they go along, determined to balance what's best for the child with their families, jobs, and obligations.

Based on the book Open: An Adoption Story in Three Voices

by Alaina O'Connell, Alex Porter and Sara O'Connell.


Musical - Drama/Comedy

3M, 3W

One Act, 85m

Six strangers are stranded underground on the New York City subway. Tensions run high as they begin to recognize pieces of themselves emerging in one another. Can they reconcile their differences enough to finally move on?

Wearing Black

Musical - Drama

3M, 2W

Two Acts, 2h 15m

When his twin brother Charlie dies from a drug-related accident, all Evan wants to do is repair the damage Charlie left behind. Refusing to deal with his own grief, his misguided messianic intentions lead him into a spiral of self-destruction. Now Evan must make a stark decision: either accept and forgive his dead twin brother, or become him.